Day 1

Day: 14.07.2016

Starting point: Zurich

Destination: Passy

Distance: ca 400 km

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I left Zurich around 9 am hoping for the weather to improve. The plan was to arrive at Passy as early in the morning as possible. I didn´t foresee a lot of fun riding in the rain, so from Zurich to Geneva I rode the A1. Around Bern, a man driving behind me beeped his horn several times. "Is he crazy?" I thought. There is enough space for him to overtake me. The reason he did that though, was that my Number Plate had come loose. It was barely attached to the motorcycle. I had to stop on the highway, get the plates of the motorcycle and look for a garage. If I would have lost the plate, it would have been the end of my trip. Getting replacement plates takes atleast a week, and driving without them was not an option. Unfortunately it was around noon, and most of garage mechanics were on their lunch break and all the garages around were just about to close. I looked up the closest Harley service station. It was 10 min away from me, but in 5 min it would close for another 1.5 hour.

I took a risk, packed the plates and drove towards Geneva. I was informed by random drivers several times that I had no plates. The story was always the same. Someone was overtaking me, indicating that something was wrong with my Motorbike, that I should stop, and explaining to me that I am missing the plates. Every time I was showing how grateful I was that they took their time, and that I knew, and I was looking for the service station. But it was a highway, and I would take the next exit and fix the problem. It was not too long till the police stopped me. When I took my helmet off, they were so surprised to see a woman traveling alone and without checking any of my documents they just let me drive on, with the directions, to the closest Harley Service Station. :) .

Around 3 pm I was at the Harley Davidson Service Station in Geneva. The kind mechanic postponed his coffee break, fixed the problem, and without any fee for the service, he wished me a safe ride. Driving south, I was slowly approaching Swiss-French boarder.

Last time I had stopped for gas in Bardonnex. Around 4 pm, I crossed the Swiss-French border, and with one short stop, I drove directly to Passy, the 16th administrative district of Paris. The town, divided by the river Arve, is beautifully located at the Plateau d'Assy in the foothills of Mount Blanc . The house I was going to stay the night was 200 years old located on the hillside of Le Prarion, with a brilliant view of the valley.

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