Day 4 - hiking to La Turbie

Day: 17.07.2016

Start: Peillon

Destination: La Turbie

Walking distance: ca 20 km

I woke up after 8 am, and I was still amazed by the Interior design of the second place I stayed at. Christina - my second host was a professional Soprano and an Interior designer. She made the place look amazing. I felt like I was staying at a castle. Castle ceiling lights, thick wooden frames around white-black nostalgic pictures, a large wooden table with two iron-glass lamps on either side, a black grand piano, and a chimney. All these items created an impression of living in a castle. I was asked, if I would like to eat a breakfast outside in the courtyard. I gladly agreed. The courtyard was between high rock walls, with profusely blooming Petunias hanging from both sides. Exquisite red flowers that gave off a mild fragrance created a pleasant and inviting atmosphere to stay and relax outside.

In the morning I met Helga. She was not a stereotypical old, ugly and rude German lady, as I had pictured every German woman with that name. She was quite the opposite. A lovely elderly skinny woman, with long white hair in a single braid. She expressed every thought in her soft voice , engaging others in a conversation. Through her shinny blue eyes I could believe her, when she was telling me, how worried she was about me the day before. The situation struck me. I had never met a woman with that name before, and even tough I had a clear image of her, and I could not recall, when I had created it. Typical cliches that make life harder, not easier.

I ate breakfast, and without having a precise plan for the day, I was considering different options. Three days earlier, a terrorist killed 85 people and injured over 300 just 20 km from Peillon. In a normal situation, I would have grabbed my backpack, and gone sightseeing in Nice, or eventually, gone to a beach and enjoyed the sea. However, I was advised to stay away from crowds, and I did not feel that it would be proper to go out sunbathing, when all the local newspapers were still in shock, revealing details of the tragedy: double life of the terrorist, and , unfortunately, the ignorance of the police. I decided to hike that day, and just before I left, I received a very kind invitation for dinner, which I gladly accepted.

The day was hot, so I put a scarf over my head (since I had forgotten to take a hat with me) and went to the nearest town through the mountains. Normally it takes 1.5 hours to walk from Peillon to La Turbie, but for me it was more than 2 hours. Due to a lack of visible signs, I got lost, and it took me some time to find the way back. But that time was not completely lost. Somewhere between trees I found a small pound, where rare species of blue dragonflies were dancing around me, looking at me with their small blue curious eyes. I managed to take a few pictures of these small insects.

The last 15 minutes of walk was through a very busy road, the D53, which is located on the hillside of Col de Guerre, giving an incredible view on Monaco City, French Coast and Tyrrhenian Sea.

La Turbie is famous for the Trophy of Augustus that the Roman emperor ordered to be built in order to celebrate his victory over the Alpen people. Entry costs 5 euros, and for an additional 3 euros you can get an audio guide. In my subjective opinion, it was well worth the price.

After 9pm we ate a quiche, drank local rose wine, and while discussing religion, politics, and culture, we enjoyed the warm evening.

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