Day 11 - Rome - Torre del Greco

Day 24:07.2016

Starting Point: Castel Gandolfo

Destination: Torre del Greco

Distance: ca 250 km

I woke up with a good mood around 8 am, and a few minutes later I was ready to eat breakfast. Just when I entered the dining room I recalled last evening unwelcome attitude. There were three tables, two inside and one at the court yard. Other guests were served outside, a place for me was prepared inside. I noticed an inequality between what was offered to me, and what was served to others. The breakfast was prepared not by the host but by her son. I ate the food in peace. In meantime I was checking a location of the closest electronic store, because I had to replace an item that got broken the day before. The store was in Rome, and I would loose time by drive back to the city. I did not want to stay in that place longer, so once I finished my coffee, making plans for the day, preparing the motorcycle and myself for another day on the road. I looked at the sky and I knew that day was going to be hot. Around 9 am was already +27 with no cloud above my head. I checked all electronic devices and I was ready. I really wanted to leave that place... Yeah... no one was there to open the gate. I went to one room, and second one, I went to a garden. No sign of neither my host nor her son. Despite the cat and me, no living creature was around. I knew, I would loose at least two hours by going back to Rome, my next destination was ca. 250 km from Rome, several kilometres after Napoli, which I estimated would have taken me around 4 hours, and only if I managed to drive through Napoli without a traffic jam.

With my full gear on I was getting sweaty. I called the host, but she did not pick up her phone. I sent her a message, but half an hour later I still had no answer. One and half hour later I was still at the property. Seriously, I handled a lot, and that was absolutely too much. I got really pissed off. I literally stacked there. Suddenly, from I had no clue where, the son came out from the house. Finally I also received a message from the host. Again no apologise, but with an instruction how to open the gate. It was around noon, I got furious, I lost three hours there. Son wanted to say something funny, but I just warned him that it was better for him not say a word. And despite the fact that the place was clean, and had more than a traveling person needs I gave the place a very negative review.

At noon streets were full with people heading towards their homes to enjoy siesta time. Thermometers were showing above 30 ºC, the heat was distracting me, and I was loosing concentration. I left the electronic store, fixed some items, and only after two cold energy drinks and a shot of espresso around 3 pm I was ready to drive again. I had not made a break between Rome and Torre del Greco. Driving through small Italian inland towns, I noticed a change in drivers behaviour. Rules on streets were more "flexible", specially for scooter drivers. The latest had priority over every other moving mechanical vehicle. And pedestrians were apologising for passing the streets. Driving towards Napoli I was crossing the invisible border between North and South Italy. One line transit streets were constantly over crowded, and I could not drive more than 40 km/h. Time hung heavy on my hands, and I started to feel weary of my travelling for the first time. Original excitement had changed to boredom and tiredness. Each passing town looked similar with one-storied houses on both side of streets that haven't been renovated for years. Leaving main streets I risked ending up in unwelcome zones. Although, ironically, I felt safe, because riding a Harley made me look like I was a part of local rebel groups.

After 8 pm I arrived to Torre del Greco - a town, 9 km from Naples, located at the southwestern foot of a stratovolcano Vesuvius. Day before I decided that I will stay there for two days. In 11 days I made over 1900 km, I needed to rest, gain energy, and made a final decision about next part of my trip.

I unloaded all my bags from the motorcycle, washed clothes, and chose riding path for the next day. I did a routine check of all parts of my dirty Harley, charged electronic devises, prepared a light summer dress, swimming suit, and sun cream. The I finished chatting a bit with my lovely Lithuanian-Italian hosts and a traveling Polish couple, who were staying at same place as me. The day exhausted me, although I was getting a bit of excitement, coz soon I would be in Sicily!

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