Day 17 - Scala dei Turchi, Corleone and back to Trapani

Day 30.07.2016

I got into a routine. Hot days made me lazy. I wanted to either do nothing or just drive without stopping. The air that I was cutting while driving was giving a pleasant and the only refreshment. Although it was not cooling, just gently touching my constantly hot skin. I was not able to wear my full gear. The temperatures were reaching 39 Degrees Celsius and I traded skin protection for the focused mindset by driving only in a T-shirt. Wearing heavy leather jacket while driving was almost impossible unless I kept the speed above 50 km/h. Having heat protection jeans was the only part of my clothing I always had on. The very high temperature of the engine can damage the skin of the legs without a warning.

In the morning, after a tasty breakfast, I promised my host to visit Scala del Turchi.

La Scala dei Turchi, or Turkish Stairs, is an extraordinary coast between Realmonte and Porto Empedocle. These are snow-draped walls resembling stairs with rounded steps, descending to the sea. It consists of marl, a sedimentary rock of limestone and clay with a distinctive pure white color. Since it consists of clay, many people, specially women, cover their bodies with this fine-grained natural soil material that combines minerals with traces of metal oxides and organic matter. The name refers to trips of Turkish pirates, who found shelter in this area from windswept and it represents a safe landing.

After a few lazy hours I had to pack my things and back to Trapani - my next destination. Instead of driving along the coastline, I decided to visit villages inside the island.

First I had no plan, which direction I should take to, therefore, based on the fact that at I often watch the famous "God Father" I concluded that I will drive through the Corleone town. I passed through ghost cities. Most probably all habitants were hiding from the sun, which was reaching zenith. I made breaks either for a slice of water melon (I love the fruit! ) or for a cup of good cappuccino.

That day was completely different from what I had had before. Not so many travelers passing, the locals were also hiding somewhere, not so much of the spectacular views which are easy to find in the high mountains. Gentle knolls, not so much of a vegetable field, but rather wild, untouched dry from Sun hit areas. Here and there wide areas of olive trees. It was pleasant, peaceful, calm, but nothing I would have been thrilled for. I was again driving toward Trapani and therefore, also towards the setting sun.

My place of stay was the biggest disappointment of the entire trip. I found a, not so cheap, room which looked like a squat. My previous excellent stay in Trapani had set my expectations quite high which turned into a painful

disappointment. What I could not understand was why the place had very good reviews, were they fake ?

I disliked that place so much that it is not even worth mentioning anything more about it. The next day was my last day in Sicily and I was planning to repeat the road I had done a few days before mainly because I liked it.

The day, I finished eating a big portion of water melon with a pizza in Trapani style.

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