Day 25 - Vezzano

Day 7.08.2016

Francesca, in her late forties, was a wild, romantic, and beautiful woman. Her unruly curly hairs gave her an additional charm. I watched her with a fascination as she had no issues walking around half naked. Cats were idly chafing around her shapely legs waiting impatiently for their morning snack. I sat by the kitchen table since I had been invited to join her for breakfast. My hosting lady, still not totally awaken, put on a light black dress and slowly started preparing the table. She did not zip the dress, and I was wondering whether she did that on purpose, since the zip was on a side and not on the back and hence, she should not have had a problem in properly dressing herself up. After a quarter or two, she pretended to be surprised by that fact, and even though she knew that the dress was open, she still was not closing it. She had no issue with exposing her body, that was the fact. Another unusual detail was that she was addicted to cookies. She was pulling out one box after another from different shelves, and picking different kind of sweets as she pleased. First dipping a cookie in a cup of tea, and later slowly consuming each bite with an evident relish.

After breakfast, I set all my items together, loaded my Harley, and around 10:00 am, I was back on the road leading toward Vezzano, in the Province of Trento. The road between Modena and Verona did not have much to offer. I continued riding on SS12 that led me from Pisa to Modena, and till Verona I did not take a break. The city I knew rather well from my previous visit, where I had been just a few months earlier, and therefore, I did not have the need to see the most famous places in the city again. I just had a refreshing break to stretch my bones and ramble around a bit around the Roman amphitheater, located on the Piazza Bra. I still had images of Verona from my previous stay. One stacked in my brain particularly well and had not let me forget about it. Together with my friend, we attended the opera playing at the amphitheater, and, after midnight, on the way back to our hotel we sat on a bench on the Piazza Bra. At first we saw a few animals moving around the square. As we thought they were cats, we did not care much about it until, just next to us, a huge fat rat came out from a canalization. Then we realized that all these animals were rats, and not cats. As I was in Verona again, the image popped up in front of my eyes and I was not able to see the city with its center around the romantic story about Romeo and Juliet, but rather the city inhabited by animals, which are not publicly displayed on beautiful touristic post cards. I am not naive, and I am aware that many old cities struggle with the problem, but seeing that left an undesired mark in my mind.

After an hour´s stroll, I came back to my motorcycle and left the city. From Verona to Vezzano was a bit more than an hour´s ride if one took the shortest way. I had a lot of time, and I planned to explore this short distance through roads located high in the mountains along east side of Garda lake and on the east side of the Monte Baldo mountain range. Because of the high altitude, the roads SP8 and SP3 offered outstanding, breathtaking views mainly on the Italian Alps, valleys, gunk-holes, and passes between pinnacles. Only a small part of the road gave a view on the Garda lake.

As I left the mountain range I drove directly to Vezzano taking the shortest connection with only one short stop at a grocery store around 7:00 pm. I passed a wonderful, blueish colored, Lago di Santa Massenza, and just after seven kilometers, I arrived to Carla's place. Carla, a retired lady had just recently opened her place for travelers, offering them bed and breakfast services. Everything in my room was straight from a store. New, fresh, unused, just in the perfect condition. The house was located on a widely stretching plateau and had a lot of exposure to sunlight. It was a type of a mountain wooden charming chalet. Very beautiful. The house in which I could stay every weekend to get energy back after a busy week.

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